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Private Equity

Private Equity is an asset class that typically seeks to invest in unlisted companies.  Private equity investment focus' on established companies with either a track record of profitability, potential for significant growth or special situations eg distressed debt and turnaround, and offer a clear and feasible exit strategy.

Private Equity Placement

Management Advisors regularly present investment opportunities to the private equity funds and investors.  These opportunities may offer an investment opportunity for expansion capital, consolidation or special situations.  We leverage our strategy and management experience and resources to best present these opportunities to the private equity market.  Speak to us about how we can assist you arrange private equity for your business. 

Direct Investment

The Management Advisors team will also invest directly in business where value can be a added under our control.  We are currently looking for new investments with enterprise value between $2m and $20m. 

We are interested in businesses with growth potential as well as businesses that are in a mature, sunset or distressed phase. We believe that companies with these profiles present excellent investment opportunities provided new management and capital can be applied to stimulate positive business development. We bring this expertise and capital to the investments we make.

We will evaluate new investment opportunities in a variety of sectors including mining services, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, health care, IT, finance, leisure and property.  Our team currently has investments in manufacturing, financial services and property.

Current Investments

The Management Advisors team have investments in a range of businesses including:

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