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About Us

Management Advisors operates an independent financial service with global perspective, sound transaction execution skills, and a broad knowledge and market experience. Our principal focus is corporate advisory including merger and acquisitions, capital market advice, and public and private equity and investment management. Our clients receive the best possible advice and support to deliver sustainable outcomes, and to achieve this we:

  • work with industry experts to ensure sound governance advice;
  • ensure that we have a strong set of resources to development our business;
  • research latest techniques to ensure we provide effective service and support;
  • encourage our clients to provide us with feedback with regards to our performance;
  • encourage and actively support team members in the development of their careers and aspirations; and
  • maintain our pool of expertise to ensure we can offer the full range of services that our clients seek from us.

Management Advisors business is based on the principles of trust, innovative, leadership, and transparency and our actions can be opportunistic.